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2020, július 2 - 14:00

Seychelles’ Fregate Island makes CNN Travel's Top 10 most beautiful islands

Seychelles' Fregate Island has made CNN Travel's list of the Top Ten most beautiful islands in the world.

CNN Travel described the privately-owned island as “lapped by the Indian Ocean in a dozen hues, Fregate is a taste of Seychelles at their dreamiest.”

Fregate is the easternmost of Seychelles' granitic Inner Islands, located 55 km east of the main island of Mahé.

“Wild landscapes still thrive on the private island, which is a haven from Seychelles' more developed shores. Giant Aldabra tortoises saunter through the understory here, while two species of sea turtles crawl ashore to lay their eggs,” said the article.

“Granite cliffs swerve for the breakers, giving way to powdery beaches: one, Anse Macquereau, can be turned into a perfectly private getaway. A "beach occupied" sign dangles from a nearby palm tree, inviting visitors to reserve the picture-perfect cove for themselves.”The feature also highlighted the island’s unique and beautiful beaches.

The islands from Norway's Arctic to the sunny reefs of Palawan, which also made the list, are described as “beautiful islands span latitudes, climates, and cultures.”CNN Travel is CNN International’s travel website. It delivers up-to-the-minute travel news, destination insights, inspirational travel ideas, original observation and thoroughly researched city and country insider guides with directions to the world’s hottest restaurants, bars, hotels, and activities.

They are Milos (Greece), Bartolomé (Ecuador, St. Lucia (Lesser Antilles), Jura (Scotland), Komodo Island (Indonesia), Senja Island (Norway), Mo'orea (French Polynesia), Palawan, Philippines, and Kaua'i (United States).

Hilton Grant Hastings, managing director of Fregate Island Private, told SNA via email that he is very honoured that the island has been chosen among the 10 most beautiful.

“We are dedicated to restoring our natural habitat and pay assiduous attention to sustainability. Around 80% of our food comes from our bountiful island. Guests are always invited to participate in the conservation projects or also can choose to do absolutely nothing in one of the world’s most stunning settings with our seven fairytale beaches – one of them, Anse Victorin, numerously named the world’s most beautiful beach,” concluded Hastings.

According to Francis “this is the best kind of publicity, any company or organisation might dream of having. As a tourism board, one of our strong marketing points is the Island hopping aspect of our destination - where visitors get to have a feel of various Islands in one holiday.”Chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board Sherin Francis added, “The list features some amazing destinations and to have Frégate mentioned amongst those destinations undeniably add to the prestige of our beautiful country.”

Francis added that “as part of our marketing duties, we have collaborated with media outlets including BBC, National Geographic and CNN.”