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  • Kissé felhős
  • Hőmérséklet: 26 °C
  • Szél: Változó, 3.7 km/h
  • Légnyomás: 1009 hPa
  • Rel. páratartalom: 89 %
  • Látástávolság: 10 mérföld
2019, december 5 - 23:00

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Seychelles’ Fregate Island makes CNN Travel's Top 10 most beautiful islands

Seychelles' Fregate Island has made CNN Travel's list of the Top Ten most beautiful islands in the world.

US official: Seychelles must improve off-shore banking to deter terrorist, drug money

Seychelles need to raise awareness on the risks associated with off-shore banking and set up legislation to fix loopholes within financial regulatory systems, said a top American official on Tuesday.

European, Japanese experts studying how Seychelles can improve waste management practices

Seychelles' waste-management practices are being studied by European and Japanese experts in order to find areas in which to improve.

Seychelles at the UN: Young people will play crucial role in climate change fight

The President of Seychelles has highlighted and lauded the increasing interest young people are taking in advancing the fight against climate change.

Seychelles’ President calls for the world to take action on climate change, protect the environment

The President of Seychelles has called on leaders and the world to pay attention and take action against climate change.

UN Climate Summit: Seychelles joins country coalition aiming to protect 30 percent of Earth

Seychelles is honoured to join a newly launched coalition pushing for the ambitious target for the protection of 30 percent of the planet Earth by the end of the next decade, President Danny Faure said in New York on Monday.

Seychelles joining UNESCO’s Memory of the World programme to further preserve documentary heritage

In a bid to further preserve its rich history and heritage, Seychelles has joined UNESCO’s Memory of the World programme. An inventory of all institutions with documentation of historical and heritage value is the first exercise that will take place.

5 major milestones in Seychelles, which soon turns 250

Seychelles this week launched a year-long celebration of a massive milestone: the island nation's 250th anniversary.

40 more beaches in Seychelles being considered for White Flag certification, a symbol of clean seas

Forty more beaches in Seychelles are being considered for the White Flag certification, meaning that these areas will be recognised internationally as having clean seas.

Want to visit the outer islands? Prices for Seychellois citizens just became more affordable

More Seychellois will be able to afford visiting some outer islands of Seychelles when the Islands Development Company (IDC) offers lower airfares in September.